Bandwidth  > 1.3MHz for SWR < 1.5, Gain 20m above ground 3,7dBd at 4

This antenna is very useful for receiving or scanning purposes, but you can use it for transmitting, too. It is 2,94m long and has a pi-configuration (Collins-Filter) for the matching.

It is mounted on the top of my tower, you will find a place for it  too, I am shure.

The rod is made of 16x1.5mm, 12x1mm and 10x1mm Aluminium, the length is not citical. I have used 2,90m and a piece of wire to connect it to the matching circuit in the box. The small C's handle 100W RF without any problems!

The gain is 0dBd (free space), but  20m above  ground with medium conductivity you can reach 3,7dBd. I have plotted the elevation pattern below.

 The signals are sometimes as loud as on my Yagi (ES), most of the time about 2 S-units lower. For real DX the Yagi outperforms the vertical of cause...

But I find signals outside the Yagi-direction, I would not have heard with the wrong position of the Yagi.

Important: The matching circuit must be tuned at the final mounting place!

L1: Variable Mica-Capacitor 150pF

L2: Variable Air-Capacitor 20pF

L: 6 turns 1.5mm wire, inner diameter 12mm

The pictures show the construction better than a lot of words...

Elevation plot 20m above ground, gain 3,75dBd at 4