Antenna HB9CV belongs to the most popular directional antennas in the world. Thank to its very good parametres this antenna has been used since 1954 in the whole world. Gain of this two element antenna is the same like gain of classical three element antenna of the YAGI type. Front-to-back ratio of this antenna is better even if you use shorter antenna boom. If you feed this antenna with coaxial cable 75 Ohms it is neccessary to make series connection between feeder and capacity which eliminates using of higher power. Antenna is made from AlMg alloy tubes and screws and clips are protected against corrosion by zinc coating. Antenna feed point is equipped with connector SO 239. We offer this well-tried antenna with dimensions according to the following table:

Band S P1 P2 L1 L2
7 Mhz 5350 20000 22000 2678 2890
14 Mhz 2678 10100 11010 1584 1690
21 Mhz 1768 6740 7350 1061 1132
28 Mhz 1320 4980 5427 789 842

hb9cv.gif (2112 bytes)


Om de HB9CV af te stemmen is een capaciteit nodig die met behulp van een stukje

coaxkabel is te creŽren. Afknippen tot aanvaardbare swr. Daarna met vulcaniserende

tape het stubje tegen vochtinwerking beschermen.



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