Medium Wave Loop ( Frame ) Aerial

This Loop antenna works a real treat for medium wave dxer's. Peak the wanted signal with the variable capacitor C1. Turn the Loop to null interference.

Graphic Illustration of the Aerial.


mwloop.gif (9774 bytes)



Electrical Diagram of the Frame Aerial

 mwloopd.gif (3714 bytes)



Constructional Notes:

Build the frame with plywood and 1 inch by 1 inch square timber.
Cut 7 notches in the frame 'paddles' 15 mm apart, to accomadate the seven windings of the suare loop.

Termnate the 7 turn loop in a 500 pF variable capacitor.
Wind a single turn coupling loop around the centre winding.
Terminate the coupling turn in either 300 ohm ribbon or 75 ohm coax to the Receiver.
Peak Signals with C1 , Null interference by swivelling the loop for best reception.

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