The ' L ' Match Basic Aerial Tuning Unit

Short Wave Listeners and Newly licenced H.F. Operators will love this easy-start antenna system !

This Aerial Tuning Unit should be good for 1.8 to 30 Mhz when a 132 feet longwire aerial is attached. It is suitable for transmitting as well as receiving. Peak the heard signal to get in the right ball park.

bastune.gif (3636 bytes)

Practical Construction Notes.
Use air spaced capacitor for transmitting. All types ok for reception.
A 12 way single pole switch can be used instead of a crocodile clip. Tap the coil 12 times if using a switch
The L match tuning section will match any length of wire that is greater than 1/4 wavelength at desired frequency.
Use very small values for VHF tuners .... try 15 pF and 6 turns at 1/4 inch diameter
The C / L circuit looks like a low pass filter.. It IS a low pass filter! unwanted frequencies ( spurious signals ) will roll off ! ( be filtered )

Below is an L Match constructed in a small aluminium box
lmatch.jpg (10969 bytes)

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